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Childs Engineering

"We are using your Rough Rider II+ for surveying hydro graphics. We are mapping the sea floor using a GPS system to capture the layout of the ocean floor. The environment is very wet and we are constantly traveling on boats from waterfront to waterfront. Our environment tends to be quite harsh. We battle such things as rain, sleet and snow. The sunlight readability exceeds all other laptops we have used in the past.. In short, your machine has made our job much easier and more efficient to accomplish our goals."

Childs Engineering
Bob Garedy

City of Lebanon
"Just thought you folks would like some quick feedback on the ruggedized laptop that we purchased from you in 2001. We've been using it in our Landfill's scale house for 4 years without any problems. Our landfill is a very important source of revenue for the City and downtime is very costly. Our scale house is an extremely dirty environment with hugh fluctuations in heat and cold. Prior to installing your laptop, we were going through 3 desktop computers a year due to the harsh environment. In addition to layers of grime, many of our failed desktop computers showed signs of corrosion In short, your ruggedized laptop has worked flawlessly and saved us thousands of dollars in downtime and broken equipment. We are now considering replacing "semi-ruggedized" laptops in our police cruisers with ruggedized ones and look forward to the possibility of working with you folks on this project as well. Thanks again for a great product."

Josh Kahan, Information Services Director (contracted)
City of Lebanon
51 N Park St Lebanon, NH 03766

Rusty Bennett, Iraqi Contractor
"Good morning, Everything else worked out wonderfully as well. in the face of your generous allowance, that does not reflect my extreme gratitude for your consideration of my needs in my time of distress.
The loaner performed admirably and instilled great confidence in what my machine would for me after the repair, and in Rugged Notebooks quality care and consideration and the sale. That confidence has been fruitfully borne out since receiving my Duo Max from you. It is performing exceptionally.
Several laptop owners have expressed a fascination of the rugged and I did not hesitate to commend and recommend the rugged and Rugged Notebooks. I was honest in confessing my dilemma, but especially in conveying Rugged's service quality and the added value that represents. I also did not hesitate to correct the mis perception that this is a Toughbook! I kindly but firmly made clear that I own a Rugged Notebook, and that it was a wise choice.
Should you desire to use my recommendation in whole or in part, or to request a specific recommendation to a prospect, you may freely do so. I am not likely to change my opinion.
I have also taken to asking my next employer, who intended to provide a laptop for the assignment, to allow me to use mine and to reimburse me for using it at a rate similar to the cost of the ordinary unit. He agreed to consider it in light of the fact that he often has to contend with difficulties and unexpected failures after only a few years of service in construction environments. Thank you for everything.
Some of my compatriots in Iraq are equally grateful for the work I was able to do, and for the communication access I was able to provide them in there time of need.  Again, my many thanks to you and everyone responsible for the successful repair and delivery of my rugged.
I expect to maintain a long term satisfaction as a result of my decision to choose Rugged Notebooks.
Thank you, and thank you again."

Rusty Bennett
Contractor Working in IRAQ

Crescent City PD
"We purchased 5 Rough Rider laptops for Public Safety from We use the notebook computers to retrieve information via wireless communication from the state capital to the field on criminal records, outstanding warrants and tickets. Rugged notebooks offered the features we were looking for at the best price with an extended warranty no one else would offer. To date, after sale support has met our expectations."

Fritz Luddeman 
Computer GIS Technician 
Crescent City Police Department 

Dept. of Defense
"We are using the Rough Rider I+ series notebooks to control a satellite data link system using a satellite modem. We have several of your computers in the network that send and receive data over a link and onto a data network. One of the computers is used to control the simulation the other is for the graphical display system to display data to the operator.
We had a requirement to take these units out in the filed under harsh conditions. The machine held up very well and the sunlight readability on the Rough Rider I+ is adequate for our needs. These machines are an asset to our project and they make it easier to complete the tasks that are required being that it is an integral part of the system.
Rugged notebooks has been prompt in response to all of our issues in turn making our job easier and allowing us to complete our required projects.
Thank You for your Support Rugged Notebooks!"

Chuck Jones
Naval Department
Department of Defense, China Lake

Earl Bredernitz
"When it comes time for me to buy a new laptop you can bet Rugged Notebooks will be the one I get. You have gone out of the way to help and that means a lot to me and it says a lot for your company."

Earl Bredernitz
Charleston, AR

Intrawest Golf
"Please pass along my thanks for technical help to your staff. Very professional and quick. Notebook is running well now.....Thanks again."

Tyler Swedberg
Director of Development and Agronomy
Intrawest Golf/TMS

Kansas Dept. of Health and Environment
"The daylight readability of the display for this unit is good. The Rough Rider I also passed our low temperature operational testing (i.e., booting up and operating in a top-loading freezer following storage overnight at approximately 5°F)."

Scott M. Weir
Environmental Scientist
Kansas Department of Health & Environment
Air Monitoring Services Section
Bureau of Air and Radiation

LimeStone County Sheriff
"Originally everyone looked at the Panasonic Toughbook, but those are way expensive,” Lt. Cox said. “So we were looking for an alternative that was going to meet our budgetary needs."
"I looked at pretty much every provider there was for ruggedized laptops: Dell, and all the other major brands, and none of them had the type of solution that we were looking for, that was going to work for us, until we came across Rugged Notebooks," said Lt. Cox.
"The way it saved us money allowed us to purchase more laptops because the budget was able to go farther. Originally we were only going to get it for the street deputies, but we were able to outfit everyone. We purchased 24, including notebooks for the Sheriff, the detectives, our narcotics position, and the regular patrol guys — we purchased one for every single vehicle that is in operation."

Lieutenant Lee Cox - Limestone County Sheriff

Lower Colorado River Authority
As a team of hydrologists in central Texas, we deal with a variety of extreme conditions. From the 100F temperatures and high humidity of the Gulf of Mexico, to the torrential rains and flash flooding of the Texas Hill Country, this laptop has experienced it all. We use the Rough Rider II to operate our Acoustic Doppler equipment and obtain flow data that is crucial in managing the rivers. In the blazing Texas sun, the outdoor viewable screen is clear and easy to read. In heavy rain, we can operate our equipment without the fear of water seeping in and ruining the system, and at night, the backlit keyboard is a real luxury. The Rough Rider II has proven to be a real asset to our work, and we look forward to testing it more in the future.

Matt Ables
Assoc. Hydrologist
Ratings Analysis
River Services
Hydrology Field Operations
Lower Colorado River Authority

NeoPlan USA Corporation
I wanted to thank you for all the help you gave me when I was looking for some heavier-duty notebook computers. Before purchasing the Talon series, I looked at the Panasonic Toughbook, and couple of other notebooks that were designed for heavy-duty use. After comparing features and prices, I decided to give you guys a try. The Talon is well designed, with everything easily accessible (something not found on other 'heavy-duty' designed notebooks) Setup was extremely easy, and I had the computers booted and running in no time. I also appreciate all your quick responses to my questions, and working with me to help meet the strict contract requirements of the customer we purchased these for. I think you must have sent me half a dozen quotes because I kept changing my mind on what kind of configuration we would need. So far, everything is going well in the field. We were able to load all of the diagnostic software we needed, and get running right away. Anyway, I thought I would let you know how things are going. Hopefully when we start building the remaining buses. Thanks again!

Jason P. Spano Computer Tech.
Neoplan USA Corporation

Northrop Grumman
We are using your Rough Rider machine to run an application using your PCMCIA Card Slots and ABS+ Backup System. Upon receiving our order from you we had everything up and running within an hour. We like the fact that we can go to one place to get everything we need and not have to worry if the solution is going to work. I have nothing but good things to say about your service, products, staff and support. I called and spoke to one of your reps and he was very helpful. He got back to me within the hour each time I called. We feel your machines are very well engineered and exceed the requirements that we have and therefore have no question of the reliability, durability and overall quality of your product.

Anthon Castro
Technical Lead for Software
Northrop Grumman - Integrated Systems

Oakwood Hills Police Department
“In law enforcement, ruggedized laptops need to be the perfect blend of durability and meeting the budgetary constraints that this economy has put every village under.”
"We’ve seen zero problems or any concerns with having these permanently mounted in the vehicle," stated Cmdr. Goldman. "The fact that the monitor door is opened and closed on a regular basis—we’ve seen no wear in that aspect either. And if occasionally someone drops something on the lid by accident when it is shut, we haven’t seen any damage, scuffing, or concerns in that manner. In the past, it had been a problem."
The Village of Oakwood Hills Police Department has had the Rugged Notebook Eagles in service for approximately a year. In that time, they’ve had no issues whatsoever. When the need arises, Commander Goldman plans to purchase more of them for the rest of their fleet.

Police Commander Peter Goldman for the Village of Oakwood Hills

Rugged PC Review
“Despite its low starting price, the Eagle is an excellent performer,” said Conrad Blickenstorfer in his 2011 Review of the RNB Eagle. “It starts at less than half the price of your typical rugged machine.”

Conrad Blickenstorfer, Rugged PC Review

U.S. Geological Survey
On April 1-3, 2000, between 5 and 6 inches of rain fell in parts of Madison County, Alabama. These rains caused the Tennessee River to rise out of its banks and spill out across thousands of acres of flood plain. Obtaining flow data during this event was crucial. Two months earlier, we had purchased a Rough Rider I rugged laptop. With this laptop, we were able to collect the data we needed from a boat while bouncing off of 3 feet waves, in currents of 8 feet/second, and in heavy rainfall. The laptop weathered the storm and the turbulent conditions and was a great asset in our data collection effort.

John M. Shelton
U.S. Geological Survey

U.S. Marine Corps
The rugged notebooks purchased from were used in the UH-1N Command and Control System Demonstration package. This is an advanced command and control system used by the Marine Corps to provide situational awareness to the war fighter in a timely fashion.
In the demonstration platform, there were three notebooks used; two Roughrider II's and one Roughrider III. The Roughrider III had an associated docking station to it. This allowed the capability of installing a video server in the system. This video server captured live FLIR video and was shown and the Roughrider III as well being networked to the other two notebooks.
The Roughrider II were the notebooks that the Operational and Fire Support officers used. These notebooks had military applications installed on them where they could view the battlefield, manipulate data, and view a moving map in order to efficiently command and control the battle. A control application was also installed on these computers to enable the users control the radios that were installed in the system via their notebooks and the Ethernet. Finally, the PCMCIA slots provided by the two notebooks were used as a direct data connection to the radios to accurately transmit and receive situational awareness and map overlays.
The Roughrider III was also used as a common display for the two officers to improve on their decision capabilities of how to handle the battle.
All notebooks handled the shock and vibration of the UH-1N wonderfully and no failures were reported. The notebooks met and exceeded all expectations of the users of this advanced airborne command and control system.
There were, however, two subjective critiques on the notebooks. The displays were not nearly bright enough when the sun shined on them. The demonstration was held out in the desert where it gets very bright during the day. In addition, the mouse pads need to be made less sensitive. When moving in the helicopter with all its vibration, the less sensitive the mouse is the better.
All in all, the Marines were very happy with the performance of the notebooks that were purchased from your company. The fact that the system will be used again by the Marine Corps in experimental exercises in May and June shows that system is success.

Bernie Coski
Communications Systems Section - US Marine Corp.
Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence Branch
Space Systems Development Department

U.S. Marine Corps Experimental Exercise
We have used the Hawk semi-rugged series from Rugged Notebooks Inc. for some four years now in rough outdoor boating conditions and have found them very durable and the only solution for sunlight readability in a large hi-resolution format. Others use Dells or IBMs and find themselves spending hundreds of dollars in curtaining their boats to block out the sun while trying to conducting research or search and rescue. We put them on the dash in foam with rubber band strips to keep the monitors stable and conduct research and monitoring activities as well as navigating in real time. They work very well in rough bright sunlight conditions.

Lex A. Newcomb
GIS Coordinator/Paleontology
Glen Canyon NRA

Unhatched, Inc
On January 20, 2000 I spilled a full can of Mountain Dew soda into the keyboard of my Turbo 8250X multimedia notebook computer in my hotel room. To my surprise when I turned on the notebook it started functioning fine except for some sticky keys on the keyboard, so then I ran water directly from the faucet into the whole notebook and over the keyboard for approximately 5 minutes. When I was done I shook out the water from inside the notebook as best I could, then I placed the unit opened and upside down on top of the hotel room's air conditioning unit over the night. The next morning when I turned on my machine, the LCD came on and everything seemed to perform flawlessly and, best of all, the sticky keys weren't sticky any more.

David B. Smith
Unhatched Inc.

Wade Ford of Atlanta Georgia
“I knew there had to be other rugged notebooks out there besides the Toughbook. I had heard of Dell having one, but again it was too expensive. Rugged Notebooks’ Eagle pretty much fit the bill for what I needed. For the price of one Toughbook, I could get two Eagles!”
“The price-point was the biggest deal, and the fact that it was rugged. The only thing extra thing I purchased was the touch screens, which the technicians really seemed to like,” explained Tackett. “They like them because the screens are quite a bit bigger than they were on the Toughbooks that Ford was suggesting.”

Dave Tackett, Controller of Wade Ford.