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About Us

Through its broad range of integrated business technology solutions, Rugged Notebooks empowers professionals to do their best work. Customers in government, healthcare, production, education and a wide variety of commercial enterprises, large and small, depend on integrated solutions from Rugged Notebooks to reach their full potential, achieve competitive advantage and improve outcomes.

The complete suite of Rugged Notebooks solutions range from mobile computing to security and rugged systems and more. As a result of its commitment to R&D, and quality control, Rugged Notebooks supports reliable and long-lasting solutions as a partner for continuous improvement.

Our mission at Rugged Notebooks is to provide rugged portable computing at an affordable cost to private and public sectors such as Public Safety, Oil & Gas, Utilities, insurance, mining, or any light as well as heavy industrial applications where robust portable computers are a must to have. This goal is met through series of programs offered exclusively by Rugged Notebooks such as buy-back, trade-in as well as a line of fully refurbished Panasonic Toughbooks restored to factory's standard by trained professionals. 

Why Rugged Notebooks:

Rugged notebooks has been a leading and a global provider of military computers, military laptops, military PDAs, and military tablets such as Getac B300, Getac X500, Getac V100 and Getac V200 for the past 15 years.

Rugged notebooks entered the health care market in 2010 with the addition of Motion Computing tablets such as the CL910, J3500, C5T and F5T. Also this year RNBS launched the GD Itronix line of GD6000, GD8000, GD8200, GD3080 and GD3015 as well as the Panasonic new and certified refurbished Toughbooks such as CF31, CF19, ToughPad, CFH2, CFH1, CF30 and CF29 to the law enforcement, EMS and fire departments.

In the other categories such as semi-rugged laptops, semi-rugged notebooks and semi-rugged tablets, RNBS offers the durabook product line. Whatever your budget, application or needs are, RNBS can meet the toughest and the most demanding requirements in the field. In addition to a versatile and a vast product line, Rugged Notebooks offers a reliable and dependable customer service with on-line RMA request process and updated shipping track for prompt delivery.

Our trained team of sales professionals walk you through various options based on your budget and applications to insure you receive the best solution for your needs.

Contact RNBS professional today at toll-free 866-278-4433 to receive a quotation and information on our latest state of the science products.

Advantage of Buying from Rugged Notebooks:

  • Life time free technical support by Microsoft A+ and Network+ certified System Engineers 
  • One stop shop from pre to post sales support
  • Product knowledgeable Sales Team across various products and platforms
  • Competitive pricing  
  • Vast Inventory of Rugged Mobile Solutions and Toughbooks
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