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Illinois Agency Upgrades to Rugged Laptop PCs
As an alternative to standard personal notebooks, the Village of Oakwood Hills, Ill., chose Rugged Notebooks s ' Eagle rugged laptop that wasn't as costly as other fully ruggedized laptops for law enforcement or military use. "In law enforcement, ruggedized laptops need to be the perfect blend of durability and meeting the budgetary constraints that this economy has put every village under," according to Commander Peter Goldman for the Village of Oakwood Hills police department. Rugge..
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Rugged Notebooks Laptop PC: Wade Ford of Atlanta Georgia
“I knew there had to be other rugged notebooks out there besides the Toughbook. I had heard of Dell having one, but again it was too expensive. Rugged Notebooks’ Eagle pretty much fit the bill for what I needed. For the price of one Toughbook, I could get two Eagles!” “The price-point was the biggest deal, and the fact that it was rugged. The only thing extra thing I purchased was the touch screens, which the technicians really seemed to like,” explained Tackett. “They like th..
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 Rugged Notebooks Laptop PC: Oakwood Hills Police Department
“In law enforcement, ruggedized laptops need to be the perfect blend of durability and meeting the budgetary constraints that this economy has put every village under.” "We’ve seen zero problems or any concerns with having these permanently mounted in the vehicle," stated Cmdr. Goldman. "The fact that the monitor door is opened and closed on a regular basis—we’ve seen no wear in that aspect either. And if occasionally someone drops something on the lid by accident when it is shu..
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 Rugged Notebooks Laptop PC: LimeStone County Sheriff
"Originally everyone looked at the Panasonic Toughbook, but those are way expensive,” Lt. Cox said. “So we were looking for an alternative that was going to meet our budgetary needs." "I looked at pretty much every provider there was for ruggedized laptops: Dell, and all the other major brands, and none of them had the type of solution that we were looking for, that was going to work for us, until we came across Rugged Notebooks," said Lt. Cox.   "The way it saved us mone..
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Rugged Notebooks in El Campo, TX
El Campo, TX is located 70 miles southwest of Houston. The city has a population of approximately 12,000 residents, the largest in Wharton County. The jurisdictional limits encompass sixplus square miles and 1 mile territorial.  According to Chief Terry Marek, the El Campo, TX Police Department has 29 fulltime sworn officers and two parttime reserve officers. Its civilian support staff has 43 employees.  El Campo PD’s Communications Division manages calls for Police, Fire,..
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Rugged Notebooks Laptop PC: Crescent City PD
"We purchased 5 Rough Rider laptops for Public Safety from We use the notebook computers to retrieve information via wireless communication from the state capital to the field on criminal records, outstanding warrants and tickets. Rugged notebooks offered the features we were looking for at the best price with an extended warranty no one else would offer. To date, after sale support has met our expectations."   Fritz Luddeman  Computer GIS Tech..
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Rusty Bennett, Iraqi Contractor on Rugged Notebooks' PCs
"Good morning, Everything else worked out wonderfully as well. in the face of your generous allowance, that does not reflect my extreme gratitude for your consideration of my needs in my time of distress. The loaner performed admirably and instilled great confidence in what my machine would for me after the repair, and in Rugged Notebooks quality care and consideration and the sale. That confidence has been fruitfully borne out since receiving my Duo Max from you. It is performing excepti..
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Rugged Notebooks: City of Lebanon
"Just thought you folks would like some quick feedback on the ruggedized laptop that we purchased from you in 2001. We've been using it in our Landfill's scale house for 4 years without any problems. Our landfill is a very important source of revenue for the City and downtime is very costly. Our scale house is an extremely dirty environment with hugh fluctuations in heat and cold. Prior to installing your laptop, we were going through 3 desktop computers a year due to the harsh environment. I..
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